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Does CBD Oil Go Bad: Know Everything from CBD Shelf Life to Expiration

Does CBD Oil Go Bad

One major concern of CBD consumers is that it makes their mouth stink really bad right after. So, the question is, does CBD oil stink when it is gone bad, or is it its usual side effect? We will learn about it as we proceed with the discussion on CBD oil. As the main intro to it, CBD oil is widely used to treat multiple ailments. 

This oil can solve many problems, whether for pain relief or reducing inflammation. But when you purchase it, do you not ask the seller what the bottle’s expiration date is? Of course, you do, and you should rightfully do so.

Since the expiration date of any such ailment is essential, we have gathered a couple of aspects you can look into to increase the oil’s shelf life. To altogether avoid the expiration is not possible, it is highly suggested that all our readers incorporate these few practices and make their CBD oil usage more beneficial.

Many buyers ask, “How long does CBD last?” Let’s begin by understanding the science behind its expiration and then find the answer. 

Science Behind Expiration of CBD Oil

To understand the science behind CBD’s expiration, you must also understand its extraction. CBD is extracted from a plant via many methods. One of the most known, advanced, and expensive methods is the CO2 method. It is a very complex method, but it extracts a high-quality result. Hence, it is mainly used as well.

After extracting CBD from organic hemp oil drops, you can use it to relieve many issues. However, you must also watch for signs that your oil might have gone bad. Like any other oil, this usually happens between 1 and 2 years and occurs for a couple of reasons explained below.

What Affects CBD Oil Shelf Life?

A couple of aspects can affect the shelf life of CBD oil. You can also consider these aspects to increase CBD oil shelf life. These can be storage-based aspects, how the oil is being extracted, and the brand you are using, as they also play an essential role. Let’s read more about them in detail.

  • Storage Conditions

To avoid oil breakdown, keep it in an atmosphere where it does not absorb too much heat, light, or air. This will increase the soil’s shelf life and protect it from insects. 

Keep the oil in a cool, dark place like a pantry, and ensure it is in an airtight bottle.

  • Quality of the Extraction Method

Whenever people ask, “Does CBD oil go bad?” the answer always comes in the aspect of yes, but how quickly will depend on how it is extracted. 

Since there are many methods to extract the oil, it alters the users’ experience and effectiveness of the oil. The best way to extract CBD oil is through CO2 extraction.

  • Credibility of the Brand

When purchasing any oil, it is essential to look for a few factors, the most important of which is the credibility of your chosen brand. You can also estimate the product’s effectiveness based on the brand’s credibility.

Look for transparency in making an ingredient list for your purchasing product. Whether the company provides a certificate of analysis (COA) is also an aspect to consider.

How to Tell If CBD Oil is Expired?

When taking oil out of your hands, or sometimes just looking at or smelling it, you will tell if it has gone wrong. There are a few simple signs to remember that can tell you if you should use it or if the CBD oil expiration date has passed. Let’s have a look at those:

  • Unpleasant Smell or Rancid Odor

One of the simplest ways to check expired CBD oil is through its smell. When the oil starts to release a weird smell, and you feel it is causing your nose to itch, recheck its expiration date. 

  • Changes in Color and Texture

An expired oil will always change color and odor. When you purchase the oil, it will be light in color; after the expiration date, it will become darker. 

There is simple math behind this: when oil breaks down, it separates from itself and reacts with other free molecules in the surroundings.

  • Reduced Potency or Effectiveness

As mentioned previously, after the CBD oil expiration date crosses, it doesn’t fulfill the listed benefits as it should. Not showing any benefits or not solving any issues is one of the signs that the oil has gone wrong.

Extend the Shelf Life of CBD Oil

The most frequently asked question of any purchaser regarding confirming the shelf life of oil is, “How long is CBD oil good for once opened?” and there are simple ways to cater to all such questions. For a detailed explanation of this, read the following bulleted descriptions:

  • Choosing the Right Environment

Keeping the oil in the right environment is as important as knowing which oil to use for what purpose. Things to look for when talking about the atmosphere are temperatures, sunlight, etc. The best places to keep the oil are a pantry or cabinet.

  • Sealing in Freshness

When the oil is kept in an atmosphere that is beneficial for maintaining its effectiveness, it will not just increase its shelf life. For instance, in this scenario, keeping the oil also requires air-tight sealing at times to avoid any reaction with the free molecules in the surrounding environments.

  • Maintaining Purity

It’s one of the important factors to remember; CBD oil’s purity also directly prevents degradation from light and heat. Keeping the CBD oil pure also means that it should not get mixed with anything else. For instance, you let the oil sit in open air or around stored water, etc, kind of paces or even in temperatures where the chemicals react with each other with in the oil. 

Wrap Up!

Having noted all of the above details, you can fearlessly purchase a new bottle of CBD oil. You now know everything about CBD oil, including its shelf life and expiration date. Even if someone comes up to you and asks how long CBD lasts, you can answer that quickly. Along with the quick answer, you can suggest a few tips to keep in mind, too. 

There are all the details mentioned in detail to keep in mind to maintain the good quality of the oil and enhance the effects. But obviously, as a purchaser, you would be more interested in knowing the signs to detect expired CBD oil than how it is made, etc. For that reason, this guide has it all for you in one place.


How long does CBD oil stay good?

The limit of the oil to work okay is a maximum of 2 years and a minimum of 1 year. However, it completely depends on how well you keep it. You can keep it well to last for longer.

What happens if you use expired CBD oil?

Other than a decline in the effectiveness of the oil and the breakdown of the natural cannabinoids, there is no other effect of CBD use after expiration. The older the expiration date, the lesser the effectiveness.

How to tell if CBD oil is expired?

Simply through its unpleasant smell, darkened color, and reduced effectiveness, one can tell the oil has expired.

Can you use expired CBD oil?

After the expiration of CBD oil, it will not work as well as olive oil or hemp oil on the skin.

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